Composable apps

Build complex, business-critical mobile apps and multi-app platforms with high maintainability and adaptability

In today's digital ecosystem, innovation and adaptability are key to staying ahead. That's where composable apps come in – they are reshaping how we build mobile applications and multi-app platforms.

We'll explore the power of composable apps firsthand. Learn how they empower us to create complex, business-critical solutions with unmatched maintainability and adaptability.

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What you'll learn. 

🎯 For who? Whether you're a developer or a business leader, uncover how composability can revolutionize your approach to app development and drive your organization towards sustained success. 





Meet your hosts!

With a wealth of experience and a keen understanding of the evolving mobile landscape, Jurgen brings a unique perspective to this upcoming webinar. His insights into the practical applications of composable apps and their impact on business efficiency make him an invaluable guide on this transformative journey. Join Jurgen as he shares his expertise, providing key takeaways that can shape the future of your organization!

Jurgen Geys
Jurgen Geys
Business Unit Manager Mobile
Jurgen is Business Unit Manager and Mobile Lead of the ACA Group mobile team. 


I'm Christophe, a seasoned Android developer with a decade of hands-on experience. My journey includes contributions to projects for AXA Bank and SNCB. In my most recent venture, I played a key role in implementing Composeable Apps architecture, encapsulating business domains that can be rearranged at will. This allows us to create applications tailor-made for specific user needs with little effort.

Christophe Senesael
Christophe Senesael
Android Developer
Christophe is a seasoned Android Developer at the ACA Group.




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