1 October 2024 | Leuven

ACA Team Up 💡

Join us for the biggest Atlassian event in Belgium!

People in the audience at team up

Attention to all teamwork believers!

The year's most highly-anticipated Atlassian event in Belgium is making its triumphant return

Join us and our finest international partners for the biggest Atlassian event of the year in Belgium. With tangible expert speakers and customer cases across different tracks.

Remember what they say about "What happens in Vegas..."? Well, forget about it! Because what happened at Atlassian Team 2024 is now coming to Louvain! At ACA Team Up, we will summarize all the remarkable moments from the Atlassian event in Vegas (but this time, with waffles and chocolate instead of slot machines and Elvis impersonators). At the end of the day, our goal is to inspire you to unleash the full potential of your software, business and service teams. 🚀

2024-10-01 08:30:00


Team Up schedule

Team up schedule - juli 2024

What can you expect?

What will we talk about?

We are sharing the speakers over the next few weeks... stay tuned! 

This in combination with customer talks, best practices, interesting tangible use cases, networking with other companies and the Atlassian Marketplace will make this a day you won't want to miss! 

First break-out session confirmed!

Björn Dohler
Co-CEO, resolution
Raj Sehmi
Senior Enablement Manager

🎙️ Resolution + Refined: “Enterprise Support: Internal and External”

Imagine a seamless fusion of Refined and resolution, transforming enterprise service management and customer support into streamlined, user-centric experiences. Refined Sites for Jira Service Management Cloud & Refined Sites for Confluence Cloud empower companies, making it simple to navigate and personalize content on Confluence and JSM for their customers and end-users.

Resolution revolutionizes support agent efficiency with smart solutions for handling multilingual tickets, work delegation, and process streamlining with CRMs. ITSM Language Translation for JSM, Out of Office Assistant, and Hubspot for Jira & Confluence extend companies' Jira Service Management capabilities to accelerate workflows.

Together, we offer an integrated solution within your Atlassian suite, creating custom intranet sites and support portals tailored to your enterprise's diverse needs. This synergy not only enhances user engagement but also leverages your Atlassian stack to its fullest potential: efficient workflows and seamless collaboration across departments. Embrace the future of enterprise efficiency with Refined and resolution – where technology meets simplicity.

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De Hoorn, Leuven
Sluisstraat 79
3000 Louvain


Tuesday, October 1
8.30h - 17.30h 


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Join us on 1 October 2024!

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Our main goal is to inspire and reach new heights of knowledge sharing together. That's why our event is free of charge.Please do note that a cancellation fee will apply of €50 charity donation if you cancel less than 1 week before the event.
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